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Audi TT MK1 Full Door Card


Image of Audi TT MK1 Full Door Card
  • Image of Audi TT MK1 Full Door Card
  • Image of Audi TT MK1 Full Door Card
  • Image of Audi TT MK1 Full Door Card
  • Image of Audi TT MK1 Full Door Card

Door cards, cheap, lightweight for Audi TT mk1 prices starts from £80 (includes fastener kit) or specify your options and I'll do the hard work for you!

These doorcards can replace OEM standard door cards and maintain full OEM functionality - I am happy to make them to your specification.
So simply just choose from the options and extras below

Option 1 - Plain Door Cards with no cut outs (£55 + £25 standard fastener kit with no anodised washers = £80). Due to the complexity / awkward / non flat door surface of the TT door shape I can not sell them without the fastener kit and spacers required behind the door card.

Option 2 - Track Car Door Cards with Porsche GT inspired door handle and door pull, so everything in option 1 but with
- Very neat (Porsche) door pull covers,
- Supply a pair of “door pulls” (choice of colours)
- Porsche GT4 style door pull (square hole surrounds) £145 or (Round Porsche pull surrounds) £165

Option 3 - Full OEM functionality with Porsche GT4 inspired door handle - £165 (Square hole surrounds) or £185 (Round Porsche pull surrounds)
Includes everything in Option 2 and
- Holes for window switch and mirror switches and fasteners (you have to modify the switch chrome surround / cut it slightly and cut off the window regulator mounts and I will supply you new bolts. I will supply photos and instructions)
- Holes to mount the original electric wiring bracket from the original door card

1. Fasteners (for option 1 & 2 only) with pilot holes and really neat stainless steel Allen key bolts for the doors which finish off the look of the door (£15) - see item doorcards fastener kit and pilot holes and add it to your order (Doorcard Fastener kit and pilot holes)

2. A range of coloured anodised washers are available to match door pulls and give that finishing touch from £15 to £20 enough for 2 doors (See item Personalise your doorcards with Anodised Fasteners)

3. Available in other Material choices (3mm Black Plastic (included as standard), I can also produce them in carbon fibre effect +£30 any option or +£15 gloss black ABS and can get various colours on request (Options 4 to 7)

Simon (any questions just message me)