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How to Order

1. Select the option you want and the material you prefer

2. If you doorcards option does not include pilot holes and fasteners simply add them to your basket (under Customisation / Personalisation Options / Fasteners kit)

3. Also if you want to add the customisation / finishing touch add some anodised washers to you basket (under Customisation / Personalisation Options / Anodised Washers)

4. Also if you want to add a door net to keep the mobile phone etc in simply add them to your basket  (under Customisation / Personalisation Options / Door nets)

5. DOOR PULL COLOUR - Enter delivery details and in the notes (at the bottom) please state the colour of your door pulls (and material door handle) and whether you want Track / Drift / Rally or Racing Car door pulls if they are included in your doorcards design.

Thanks for your order!!