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WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE. Just a little background about me and how this all started. I brought my first track car last year (Clio 172) and I wanted to get a set of track car door cards whilst not paying a fortune for carbon ones (also they are brittle and chip). I also did not want to lose functionality / mess around with the electrics, so I made my own.

I started selling them on Cliosport.net with really good feedback to fund my own track car modifications. I then advertised my clio door cards on a Track Car Door Card Facebook page and got many requests to produce them for other cars. So that is how this started. I am real a motorsport enthusiast that made some nice door cards and wants to expand to help others so they do not have to learn the hard way, do all the research into the parts and work out where to drill all the holes, where the window switches go etc. You can order plain door cards, track car door cards or door cards that maintain full OEM functionality and no wiring changes are required.

So I have decided to make more doorcards for other cars on people's requests and
I have personally designed, made and fitted all the doorcards to the actual physical doors myself.

Many Thanks for looking. 

Cheers Simon